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What’s the best gift to give my boyfriend?

Top 5 gift ideas to wow your man.

The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach but now that you are in, it needs to be watered right? The real question is how?

Men are not so expressive so whatever gift you give him, he is gonna smile and say ” thanks babe!” even if he isn’t so excited about it but there are few gifts that men really adore. While he might not have asked for it directly, he will surely adore/love them when presented.

Couple of years ago, it was my boyfriend’s birthday and i couldn’t figure out the perfect gift, was i stressed out? you have no idea! No matter how much i asked, he said anything was fine. Eventually, i got him a pair of shades that he never used because it didn’t suit his face , it still breaks my heart.

Before i share these amazing gift ideas that have been proven to do the trick every time, allow me to advise that you be a good listener first. To perfectly gift your man, you must be a good listener, listen to his wishes, wants, passions, desires, know what he likes, what he buys most, what he uses most and most importantly, what he needs ( he might not even know it)
and try to remember them . This will help give an idea what to gift your man then you can go ahead and be creative with it.


Top of the list, wristwatches:

Men love watches! No not the regular kind of watches, really good classy watches! The type of watch would be determined by your type of man, from sporty watches to formal watches e.t.c
Trust me, give your man a really good watch and watch him glow and flaunt it the next morning. The only setback is classy watches are quite pricey but if you don’t mind that then you are good to go.

Number 2, Stunning belt:

Once again, not the ordinary ones! Please hear me when i say, classy men do not like ordinary. Men love original stylish leather belts. The color of choice will then depend on your man and his dress sense. Brown, Black and blue are the go to for everyone but you might wanna switch things up a bit if your man is the funky, colorful type. The kind of buckle also plays an important role; remember to choose a buckle to match his style, if you have no idea, always go for the simple and classy type.


If your man is vibrant and a lover of good music then you can never go wrong with headphones


wallets are one of the most useful gifts you can give a man plus he is gonna carry it with him on each day and its just going to be a joy to watch him do that.

My favorite, Shoessssssss:

Not to be partial but i love me some good shoes. I can not count the number of shoes i have given my man, not because i make them…lol but because he loves them everytime and he always wears them, so much that i sometimes have to tell him to give the new one a break..lol
There is a saying that you can never have too many shoes and it’s true. So for the next time you get a little confused, just think of a good pair of shoes, could be sneakers, office shoes, boots, whichever one you opt for, the idea is to go for a design that he doesn’t own yet.
variety is the spice of life

There are other gift ideas like Shirts, shades ( you have to be careful with this so as the get the perfect shape) but listed above are top 5 ideas that will always come to your aid.

Love is beautiful, it is priceless and it doesn’t lie in massive gifts. It is the thought, the little things that counts. Imagine how you feel when you are gifted, the feeling of joy that you are remembered and appreciated by someone, that feeling is the most important.

Study your man, find out what he loves and you will succeed in reminding him of your love for him everytime. Go on girl, you are on your way to creating an unbreakable bond with your loved one.

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