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How to make your shoes waterproof

Make your fabric made shoes waterproof.

How to make your shoes waterproof.

We all have at least one pair of footwear in our closet made from fabric. This could range from Ankara, faux fur, velvet e.t.c

It’s fabric yes but still our footwear isn’t cut out for too much water but as you know, I always bring good news ?

With just a piece of wax and hairdryer, you will be able to protect your fabric based footwear & rock them with your feet protected from rain, mud e.t.c

Before starting any process, pls ensure your that footwear is clean, dry & free of any dust/debris because waxing a dirty footwear would trap the dirt on the footwear & getting the dirt off after they have been waterproofed would be difficult 


Secondly ensure the beeswax is colorless or off-white. This can be gotten from jumia or any local store near you where natural products are sold

Imagine that you’re coloring with a crayon, Rub the wax vigorously to form a thick layer over any part of the shoe you want to make off-limits to moisture.

As the wax builds up, it will cause visible discoloration. Don’t worry—this will disappear as soon as you apply heat

Switch on the hairdryer to high heat & let it warm up before applying. The more intense the temperature, the faster and more completely the wax will melt.

Hold the nozzle close to the surface of the shoe so that the heat is better concentrated. You should notice the wax beginning to fade into the shoe almost instantly

Because wax is water repellent and non-penetrable, as it liquefies, it becomes integrated into the fabric, sealing the tiny openings and creating a barrier against moisture. It will then re-harden as a clear, protective layer. The finished shoe should look no different than it did before you waxed it

If you do this properly & apply enough layers of wax, all that’s left to do is to see how well your experiment worked. Pour a cup of water over the toe section of the shoe. The water should roll right off. 

Congrats! You can now go out fearlessly no matter how soggy it gets outside.

P.S: For this to work, apply about 2 coats of wax leaving no spot. Also remember to get a good and colorless beeswax( it is very very affordable & harmless to your footwear)

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