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About Dolls


My name is Lasisi Adedolapo, a graduate of Civil engineering with a strong passion for technology and community development.

Orphaned at a young age, my journey into the business world started from “ hustle to passion” .. lol and the need to give to Orphans like myself.

I was at a point in my life where I was lost, confused, and miserable and I needed to make ends meet so one day I decided I was going to start something, anything! I mean, sometimes that’s all it takes, a start! then I thought leather! Footwear!

Right from school, I was always a big fan of shoes, my room was filled with them even though I had to get most of them at a thrift store to save money… I guess it was a no-brainer that I thought footwear right? Along the line, the business grew into producing wallets, belts, and accessories to complement the beautiful footwear.

This has since been the best decision I ever made! But this isn’t really about me, it is about you!



Dolls Leather Products is a Nigerian-based leather brand for men and women who are particular about comfort and good quality in their everyday life fashion pieces. A dynamic growing brand of leather footwear and accessories started in 2017 with the main aim of creating padded flat shoes and sandals that provide proper arch support for the feet thereby eliminating health issues that could arise from flats. The brand has since grown and expanded into making complementary accessories like belts, bags, and wallets.
Each year, the brand moves forward, constantly improves, and expands its product range of innovative products while gradually gaining popularity amongst people who love comfort, high-quality leather products, unique designs, a balanced price topped off with excellent customer support.

With over a thousand customers within and outside the country backed up with amazing reviews, Dolls promises to give you the best leather products you will ever own…


Not only do we offer exceptional services, but you will also be helping us feed a child.


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