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How to dry your shoes.

how to dry your shoes

How to dry your shoes without causing any damage to it.

You can not avoid getting your shoes wet.

A quick dash to the automated cash machine or the store could leave you running back in the rain. But majority of us get back home and leave the footwear by the corner of the house, as a result, inviting molds to grow in them.

It is advisable that you always dry your shoes properly. Depending on the material they are made of, you can use a clothes dryer, a fan or newspaper.

First, I will be focusing on only the fan and newspaper method because they are the only ones ideal for leather footwear.

Method 1: Using a fan

  • Remove mud/dirt from your shoes by rinsing off with water.
  • Find a fan strong enough to allow the shoes to hang from.
  • Place a towel below the front of the fan to catch excess water as the shoes dry.
  • Find an S shaped hanger or if you’ve got a better alternative, open up the shoes so the inside of the shoes will get as much air as possible from the fan. Hang them on the fan with the insides facing the fan. The fan air should reach the inside of the shoes and move around the outside.

In addition, If it’s a slipper, Leave them out to dry but do not place directly under the sun if it’s leather. You should put them next to a fan or leave sitting on something that allows air to circulate freely. Somewhere near a heating device but not next to it. Also, read the label attached to them, as there may be a specific means for drying them.

Alternatively, you can make your fabric made footwear waterproof. ( check newer posts to know how) or click here


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